Not only do we have to contend with the never ending squeeze on the nation’s collective wallet, but the sophisticated tools and techniques needed to raise funds seems to increase day-by-day. Throw in new regulation and you have the perfect storm conspiring to scupper fundraising efforts before any of us have even left port.

Therefore for those tasked with fundraising, be they a CEO or a fundraising manager, The Fundraising Agency is here to take the fear out of fundraising.

Fundraising by Fundraisers

We approach the challenge of fundraising by combining the acumen and thoroughness of a business consulting firm, with the knowledge, creativity and empathy of being fundraisers, not have-been fundraisers.

With the ability to draw on deep experience from inside and outside of the not-for-profit sector, we push and challenge fundraisers, but in a way that only ever has yours and those you are helping at its heart.  It’s about fundraising by fundraisers.

Our offer is therefore split neatly into two…

Fundraising Strategy & Innovation Fundraising Operationalisation

Fundraising Strategy & Innovation

Great fundraising and innovations in fundraising can only be undertaken if it is underpinned by an equally great strategy:

  • Are we talking to the right donors?
  • Are we structured in the right way to reach out to these donors?
  • Is our fundraising strategy right?
  • Is there enough substance and clarity about how we position our offer to stand apart from other fundraising organisations, to appeal to these donors?
  • Does this position truly aid our marketing and fundraising teams with their activities?
  • And are we relying on tired, old fundraising methods and do we have a process for looking forward?

We help fundraisers tackle just these questions, bringing clarity when it’s needed and in a way that is inclusive, so it brings the whole organisation along too.  It seems a daunting list, but invariably only some of these questions truly need answering.

If you are struggling to answer any of these questions, then we’d love to talk. A straightforward conversation is always a good place to start.

Fundraising & Innovation Services

Analytics and Insight

Divided between an internal and external focus; our internal activities focus on the data analysis of IG and broader fundraising programmes, including the cleaning of donor databases to ensure they comply with new regulations; our external activities focus on the qualitative and quantitative assessment and profiling of donor bases.

Organisational & Fundraising Positioning

We help organisations understand how to position both their total offer (or their brand) and also their fundraising products so they are answering the core fundraising strategy and wider charitable aims.

Fundraising Strategy

We both audit fundraising activities and make recommendations for new ones, based on an understanding of operational and fundraising aims.

Fundraising Product Development/Innovation

Some people call it innovation, others product development, but we help organisations create leaps forward in fundraising, through the creation of either new and different fundraising models, or through a fresh interpretation of existing activities and events.

Fundraising Operationalisation

Answering strategic questions is one thing, but once plans are laid they need to be delivered too…

One activity frequently leads to another or are intrinsically connected and fundraisers are often at the vagaries of external support and agencies who can do one thing, yet not another.

We have the skill set and ability to wrap our arms around the operationalisation of strategic planning.  From the development of specific fundraising campaigns and the implementation of IG, major donor and corporate programmes, all the way through to helping find and recruit the talent to run your organisation and manage your fundraising.

If you need help with operational activities, then we’d love to talk.

Fundraising & Operationalisation Services

Corporate Fundraising

A very specific skill, corporate fundraising needs to balance the sensitivity of the commercial needs of the corporates being targeted, with the ability to plan and execute programmes and relationships that will last for many years.  We’ve been doing that for 20 years now.

Talent Management & Training

We have the contacts to great talent and we help not-for-profit organisations search, assess and mentor key posts within their organisations, from CEOs through to Fundraising Managers. Additionally we also provide a host of training, from softer skills like presentation training, through to technical training to help people with their day-to-day roles.

Fundraising Product / Campaign & Event Delivery

We create and execute our own events and activities (Santa in the City) in order to create donor vehicles, through to the design and delivery of highly focused fundraising products and events for commissioning organisations (Chainge16).

IG & Legacy, F2F, Online and DM

The logistics and creative development behind core fundraising activities can be a minefield. We work with a broad team of individuals and partnering organisations to make sure all bases are covered. This means the best eyes and minds are on the job in-hand, minimising risk and maximizing potential impact of activities.

Upcoming Events

We have exciting events planned for 2017, please check back soon for details

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Our Work

Our People

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma – Director

Arun’s extensive experience stretches across both the commercial and not for profit sectors. Following a ten-year career in the private sector he held senior corporate and commercial positions at Age UK, Shelter and Marie Curie, where he delivered multi-million pound strategic partnerships, with companies such as M&S, Tesco, Santander & EDF Energy. In 2013 Arun joined the ITV Corporate Responsibility team to grow fundraising for Text Santa and develop partnerships with organisations like DfID, Big Lottery and World Rugby.

Justin Leahy

Justin Leahy – Director

Justin has a commercial background having worked across a myriad of positioning, development and communication roles over the last 20 years. His clients have included Canon and M&S, through to Audi and Philips Electronics. His specialism is the positioning of organisations in order to create a platform where fundraising activities can flourish within target audiences, be they individuals or corporate businesses.